January 17th, 2013

The Embassy - Related Artist


This weekend I made my way north— into a sea of grayness that wrapped itself around each snowcapped peak. I was there, watching snow roll down hillsides and settle in dark valleys, but if you took a close look into my eyes you’d have see the reflection of the soft streaks of some distant sunset. The Embassy's 2005 album Tacking filled my ears and brought me to some distant horizon. I’ve long thought that nine-track release was the Gothenburg duo’s Sunday best, but they’ve now resurfaced in the midst of a swedish winter with yet another fabulously breezy pop tune.

'Related Artist', the first single off their forthcoming full-length Sweet Sensation, bobs to the smoothest disco bass and wonderfully jangly guitar. Fredrik Lindson’s vocals, airy and unfeigned, round out the track… alongside a couple of animals (definitely some chirping birds and I counted at least three monkey whoop-gobbles). Perfect. Sweet Sensation, the legendary duo’s first new full-length in eight years is due out the 26th of February on The Embassy’s new label International and it brims with all those memories of places that always seem just a dream away. 

[photo taken june 2012. praiano, italy]

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