July 17th, 2011

Southern Shores // Bonfire

Southern Shores are back from Berlin. Now at home in Halifax, they have a new album. It is gold.

A long drive North, spurred on by Southern Shores, six tracks repeated as we careened through valleys. We climbed. We followed the conversation from mountaintop to mountaintop. Each foot fell to the beat of this epic topical bliss. Atlantic, the duo’s debut EP, dropped on the 12th on Cascine. Decked out with so many smooth transportive tunes, I cannot think of this album as individual tracks. I’ve only listened to the EP as whole, never able, or wanting, to pull myself back from a far off place. I have placed together some footage I’ve filmed with some that I’ve found to go alongside a new mix of ‘Bonfire’ (non-album) which flew in a few days ago from The Apiary.

This album shall not be overlooked.

  1. flashlighttagmusic said: excellent job jordan. that was beautiful.
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