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March 1st, 2011

…al cruzar la calle - Asuntos Internos

Linda Sjöquist is a promising Venezuelan musician who plays under the name …al cruzar la calle. Her latest tune, Asuntos Internos, clocks in at just under two minutes but bulges with emotion— and dreamy guitar. She fills the contemplating track with her poetic accounts of adolescent longing. As a self-proclaimed teenage dreamer with nothing more than a poorly tuned guitar and a whole lot of time on her hands, she’s already crafted a host of beautiful songs. She just wants someone to kiss her, to hug her when she wakes up, someone to read her Julio Cortazar poems and bring that warm cup of coffee to her bed when the day finally rises over Maracaibo.

…al cruzar la calle - Asuntos Internos

Quiero alguien que me besa y me abraza al despertar, que me lee poemas de Cortazar y me lleve el café a la cama

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