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April 19th, 2010

MondayMix: El Diecinueve

Icelandic Volcanic Ash Threatens

‘I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From’ — European air travel is at a standstill as towering clouds of ash float ominously overhead. But don’t mind the encroaching darkness, today we’ve got a few songs to get you in tune for the week ahead. Here’s some Foals, Damien Marley & Nas, LA Duo Kisses, Bassnectar, Toro Y Moi (with arguably the chillest thing to come out of Baltimore), and several mashed up Icelanders (who may or may not be responsible for this whole mess). Speaking of Sigur Rós, check out their absurd interview on NPR— they simply cannot speak English.

Kings Of Convenience - ‘I Dont Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp Remix)’ (Buy)

Sigur Rós Vs. Mobb Deep - ‘Shook (Emancipator Mash Up)’

Foals - ‘Cassius’ (Buy)

Damian Marley & Nas - ‘As We Enter’

Kisses - ‘Bermuda’ (Buy)

Bassnectar - ‘Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado’ (Free)

Toro Y Moi - ‘Master Of None (Beach House)’ (Video)

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