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February 24th, 2014

World Tour - Surreal

World Tour have come down from the snowy peaks with something golden. Ever since I first listened to some World Tour demos almost three years ago I knew I’d never stop pining for more. Over a year since their last single ‘Forever Tonight’, the Swedish three-piece is back with a lush pop gem, ‘Surreal’—and it is just that; the dark winter sky, brimming with stars, falling down. I can feel it.

June 15th, 2012

World Tour - Forever Tonight

World Tour, the Swedish trio that crafted a most luscious EP which was released by Cascine earlier this year, is at it yet again. From a small village in northwestern Sweden, they bring us our latest indulgence. ‘Forever Tonight’ begins in a deep cavern, echoing a beclouded call from below— however, it soon opens up and spills out and into a heartfelt tune laced with ethereal melodies paired with a sort of transporting yet tangible simplicity of which World Tour is so familiar. ‘Forever Tonight’ will be released on Swedish label Emotion.

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