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July 25th, 2011

Work Drugs - Catalina Wine Mixer

Philadelphia’s favorite smooth-fi band Work Drugs is back with its latest summer single ‘Catalina Wine Mixer.’

Work Drugs - Catalina Wine Mixer

Prestige. World wide. Enjoy.

June 25th, 2011

Work Drugs - Ice Wharf

Philadelphia-based yacht rockers Work Drugs are back with their latest “smooth-P,” Ice Wharf. The release features several awesome live versions from the duo’s show at The Fillmore in San Francisco during their April tour alongside Two Door Cinema Club as well as their latest single Ice Wharf and Summer Heart’s winning entry into the Rad Racer remix contest. Check out all the jams over at their bandcamp.

Work Drugs - Ice Wharf

Work Drugs - Rad Racer (Summer Heart remix)


March 27th, 2011

Work Drugs - Tropic of Cancer / Tropic of Capricorn

Yesterday Tom and Ben of Philadelphia-based duo Work Drugs sent over their debut album Tropic of Cancer/ Tropic of Capricorn which they’ve been putting together in preparation for their April tour with Two Door Cinema Club. When the Irishmen first approached them a few months ago, Work Drugs only had a handful of songs to their name, but now, with the release of their first album, they have a plump bag of jams from which they’ll surely draw at their upcoming shows. If you live near Philly make sure to check out their first ever show on April 2nd.

When I first heard ‘Third Wave’ four months ago I could never have imagined it played live, but with the new album they’ve offered people like me, who don’t live near one of their April dates, two live, acoustic renditions of ‘Third Wave’ and ‘Rad Racer’. The album will be released in two versions or “smooth-Ps” and only 50 of each will be made. The Tropic of Cancer disc features the Third Wave “Cayman Islands Session” and Tropic of Capricorn features the ‘Rad Racer’ session. You can check out the tracklist and buy the album, which drops April 1st, here.

Work Drugs - Third Wave (Cayman Islands Sessions)

Work Drugs - Third Wave

Today, they released the newest single off the album, the immensely smooth ‘Curious Serge’.

Work Drugs - Curious Serge

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February 5th, 2011

Work Drugs - Rad Racer

Philadelphia’s premier Bat Mitzvah and Quinceañera party band Work Drugs is back with another crusin’ tune from their abandoned pier on the Delaware. Their third single Rad Racer follows in the same vein as Third Wave and Dog Daze— it is so smoooooth. Check out the rad video.

Work Drugs - Rad Racer

I’m a rad racer, big city chaser, runnin’ away with you tonight

January 16th, 2011

Work Drugs - Dog Daze

Work Drugs is two guys, Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana, who make blissed out “smooth-fi” jams on an abandoned pier in Philadelphia. Thomas describes their music as “a few parts chillwave… a few parts indie pop… and several parts smooth sailin’ / yacht rock.” I cannot be more precise. A week ago the dreamy duo followed up Third Wave, releasing their second single, Dog Daze. The tune is a bit slower— if Third Wave has you cruising Baja California in heavy winds, Dog Daze simply rocks you side to side as you bob under sun. Have your pick.

Work Drugs - Dog Daze

Work Drugs - Third Wave

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