August 21st, 2010

Ra Ra Riot - Boy (RAC Mix)

boy On Tuesday August 24th, six-piece orchestral indie rock outfit Ra Ra Riot will follow up their 2008 debut LP The Rhumb Line (2008) with The Orchard. Last month the band released the Boy EP as a precursor of what’s to come. And to show their appreciation for all the downloads and approbatory reviews, they are giving away a brilliant remix of the track ‘Boy,’ courtesy of the mix mestre himself, RAC’s Andre Anjos. The Portland-based remixer has a long list of stunningly exquisite renditions of mainly indie rock tunes, but his jazzy, funk-beat take on ‘Boy’ is sold gold. Andre starts off by building a subtle dreamscape out of Wes Miles’ melodic vocal on top of Alexandra Lawn’s and Rebecca Zeller’s supple strings. He then slices up the bass-drum, which is ever-present in the original, adding a catchy, foot-tapping beat that runs through most of the four minute remix. In short, like all of RAC’s work, this remix is a snazzy energetic, electronic-enhanced reworking which is probably better than the original. Check out the mp3 below.

Ra Ra Riot - Boy (RAC Mix)

Here are two other splendid Ra Ra Riot RAC remixes:

Ra Ra Riot - Run My Mouth (RAC Mix)

Ra Ra Riot - Manner To Act (RAC Mix)


Full Stream of The Orchard on NPR

Pre-order the 10-track album produced by RAC’s Andrew Maury on Barsuk.

Ra Ra Riot is embarking on an extensive North American tour— check out the dates

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