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July 30th, 2014

jj - dean & me

V som i välkommen tillbaka.

I’m dancing with stars and they’re dancing me with.


February 15th, 2013

nordpolen - oh oh


"vill bara ooh fucka ur ooh" - nordpolen

nordpolen - oh oh

June 22nd, 2012

jj - High Summer

Your best friends, Elin, Joakim

Here to let you know everywhere we wanna go.

I’m exhausted,  barely breathing, holding on to what I believe in.

This feeling, no ceilings

guided me back home

To my zone, 

to my throne in my Rome.

 People wanna talk but they ain’t sayin’ nothing

Oh baby, now I’m ready for something

And I got cameras in my face

I guess the revolution will be televised.

And I got 23 years of this

I just hope you’ll miss me a little when I’m gone


Back again with my mind on one thing

But you don’t wanna know

you just wanna hear me sing


Children behave

that’s what they say when we’re together

Vi måste härifrån

Den här stan drar ned oss till botten av ån.

jj is back with your summer soundtrack. Elin and Joakim’s five-track free EP high summer is available, as always and forever, over at Sincerely Yours and below. 

Like the Zlatan, they soar— always wanting more.

  • jj - high summer [.zip]

jj - 10
jj - High Summer

November 23rd, 2011

ceo - Illuminata (D. Lissvik Remix)

Sincerely Yours' Eric Berglund recently released his White Magic Epilogue— a trio of remixes off his album from last year. Balearic bliss, baby •

'in times when people do whatever necessary to become part of something they are not, a family affair feels extra rad.'

ceo - Illuminata (D. Lissvik Remix)

August 25th, 2011

jj - die tonight (young eagle version)

Aquilotto rise from the depths of Rome.
From the blue waters to the white skies.

Sounds will lift up from down below.
The present will take shape in it’s purest form.

The one and only real love.
Forever united

die tonight, Alessandro Nesta.

What's Spinning?





the embassy

The Bilinda Butchers




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