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November 13th, 2012

jj - vi (young eagle remix)

About a week ago I had a dream.

A dream that I forgot until just now.

    The sort of dream that I dream about.

Young Eagle reworks jj’s VI. Jesper adds that magic to the mix. Look for it in the night sky. Great new things are coming soon from this young Swedish producer that never seems to come up short.

The sun dips towards the horizon but the deep red of day lingers on our rippled pond. Two logs on the fire, They crackle then pop. Sitting there until the fire dies, we never concede our shadows to the night or the new moon— only the echo of the wind.

December 14th, 2011

Young Eagle - No One Is Holy Without Suffering

The eagle transcends altitudes of 10,000 feet. 
His golden plumage breaks through the clouds 
and he escapes the bounds of this green earth. 
While some might say he flies too high, like Icarus, 
we believe that one day, we will all transcend,
and have our youth renewed like the eagle’s.

Yesterday The Apiary released a two-track EP from swedish artist Jesper Merrild aka Young Eagle. Earlier this year I came across Jesper’s covers of The Tough Alliance and jj as well as a wee pop gem from back in the day. Young Eagle’s debut release No One Is Holy Without Suffering goes just where I’d been hoping it would; it has the jj-esque balearic feel paired with a darker, sultry, rain-drenched Gotëburg mystique. Ära.

Young Eagle - No One Is Holy Without Suffering

Young Eagle - Jag Kommer Ihåg

Download EP

September 26th, 2011

Klassfest - Nya Ovänner

Jesper Merrild (aka Young Eagle/⨊xCUSEƑILIPPA/L/J) just sent over this little pop gem from an old project with his friend Ludvig back when they were both living in their small hometown in central Sweden. This song comes from another time, years ago, when Nesta lived in Rome, back before Jesper was crafting electro jamz and remixing jj and The Tough Alliance— from “the golden days, when we were winning.” 

Klassfest - Nya Ovänner

August 25th, 2011

jj - die tonight (young eagle version)

Aquilotto rise from the depths of Rome.
From the blue waters to the white skies.

Sounds will lift up from down below.
The present will take shape in it’s purest form.

The one and only real love.
Forever united

die tonight, Alessandro Nesta.

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