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July 15th, 2014

The Bilinda Butchers - Old Style Amami ft. Juri Nakashima


I was sixteen when I first listened to The Bilinda Butchers. During a bleak streak in December, I found a few of their early demos and held them close. Now, five years later, I still find a sense of warmth and familiarity in each of their releases. Since putting out two EPs, Michal and Adam have added a third member to the project as they worked on their debut full length. Heaven soundtracks the diary of Nakajima Ume— a story that follows a trail of catastrophically romantic movements towards self-realization and a lost lover. Read more about the album’s backstory and the Edo period on the band’s website. Heaven is out July 15 on Orchid Tapes.

February 27th, 2013

the bilinda butchers - the lovers’ suicide!

San Francisco-based dream-pop duo The Bilinda Butchers have emerged with their latest single ‘the lovers’ suicide’ which will debut march 5th with b-side ‘love so estranged’ as a 7” on BEKO and CD on Zoom Lens. The title track pulses with the sort of the jangly guitars riffs that I’ve come to expect from Michal and Adam alongside a driven drum base while ‘love so estranged’ offers something a bit different— a dreamy wash of synths and airy, vulnerable vocals that begins with birds chirping and builds throughout. This is not last time we’ll hear from these two this year— though they say that their "future plans are shrouded in mist," they’re planning a tour for later this year and are working on their first full length, following up their two EPs goodbyes (2012) and regret, love, guilt, dreams (2011). 

May 1st, 2011

the bilinda butchers - boyfriend

A few months ago I posted a few demos from San Fransisco-based bedroom pop project the bilinda butchers. A few days ago, Michal (one half of the duo) sent over an almost finished EP that he and Adam have been putting together since the coldest of winter’s days when I first stumbled across a handful of tracks up on the band’s tumblr. Their debut EP, which is due out sometime in mid-May, is a six-song feast of relaxed dream pop. From the nearly six-minute synthscape of “Secrets” to the youthful vigor of ‘All My Friends’, the release draws from influences ranging from The Radio Dept. to the soundtrack of the video game Animal Crossing. The band mixes together hazy vocals, dreamy guitar rhythms and electronic elements to craft a diverse and truly enjoyable set of jams. The track “Boyfriend” off their forthcoming release will also feature on a compilation on ZOOM LENS in the next few days, so look out for that. Also, check out the band’s tumblr to pick up the EP when it drops.

the bilinda butchers - boyfriend

the bilinda butchers - all my friends

December 30th, 2010

The Bilinda Butchers - Stevie Nicks

The Bilinda Butchers is a bedroom pop duo by two college students from San Fransisco, Michal and Adam. They started making music together when they were sixteen. As they’ve grown, their music has progressed, taking on a new dimensions. Their third single ‘Stevie Nicks’ debuted this week on French digital label beko. The group is in the midst recording their first EP, primarily in Michal bedroom.

The Bilinda Butchers - Stevie Nicks

The Bilinda Butchers - Sigh

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