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August 21st, 2012

Heatherwood - FYR

Maksim and Darya are two seventeen year olds that spend their days crafting dream pop gems in the Russian city of Novosibirsk. Their music, recorded under the name Heatherwood, is a product of their loves: 80’s scandinavian aesthetics, old analogue synths, japanese toy keyboards, and each other. Their bedrooms have echoed dreamy melodies since the beginning of 2012. The young couple’s debut EP, FYR (meaning light in Swedish), brims with the pair’s youthful candor. The four-track EP was released today through my new pop label Trade Winds. Now, the future of Heatherwood, and perhaps the pair’s relationship, lays in doubt; today, Maksim leaves to spend four years studying in Finland. However, for Maksim and Darya, this EP serves as a record of all the emotions and memories that filled their last few months together in Novosibirsk. Heatherwood’s FYR EP was born in shadowed bedrooms. A lovely, drawn-out process, the recording took months— preoccupied, their days together slowly passed and faded away.

You can go ahead and download the EP for free here.

June 27th, 2012

Cristallin - Grand Combin

Swiss beat maestro Simeon Cristallin, who crafts glorious dreamscapes as Cristallin, has, after several silent months, left us with a new moment of bliss— ‘Grand Combin’. The track’s title, alongside its general aesthetic, first brought me memories of my adventures last year, all soundtracked by Southern Shores’ jam ‘Grande Comore’. However, I soon realized that despite its sun-soaked feel and the endless light leaks of the accompanying film, ‘Grand Combin’ climbs high snow-packed peaks of the Swiss mountain by the same name. It is about getting to that moment when the air gets thin, when you feel your legs starting to shake, the blue sky glistens above— when you look up from the crumbling rocks at your feet; you raise you head, cracking the blinds— unleashing the endless abyss beyond, below.

February 24th, 2012

Work Drugs - License To Drive

Philadelphia-based smooth-fi enthusiasts Work Drugs are back with their latest jam, the first single off their upcoming LP. A dreamy drive through an endless labyrinth of city streets, ‘License To Drive’ burns the midnight candle, high beams burning through the night ahead.

May 1st, 2011

the bilinda butchers - boyfriend

A few months ago I posted a few demos from San Fransisco-based bedroom pop project the bilinda butchers. A few days ago, Michal (one half of the duo) sent over an almost finished EP that he and Adam have been putting together since the coldest of winter’s days when I first stumbled across a handful of tracks up on the band’s tumblr. Their debut EP, which is due out sometime in mid-May, is a six-song feast of relaxed dream pop. From the nearly six-minute synthscape of “Secrets” to the youthful vigor of ‘All My Friends’, the release draws from influences ranging from The Radio Dept. to the soundtrack of the video game Animal Crossing. The band mixes together hazy vocals, dreamy guitar rhythms and electronic elements to craft a diverse and truly enjoyable set of jams. The track “Boyfriend” off their forthcoming release will also feature on a compilation on ZOOM LENS in the next few days, so look out for that. Also, check out the band’s tumblr to pick up the EP when it drops.

the bilinda butchers - boyfriend

the bilinda butchers - all my friends

December 31st, 2010

Turning Torso - Walker

David Sánchez es un guitarrista que tiene viente años de Querétaro en México central. En 2008 creó Turning Torso cuando comenzó a experimentar con su música, deslizando los tambores y sonidos electrónicos de bajo de su guitarra relajado para construir complejas texturas sonoras. David terminó su primero EP, En rêvant nu (Soñando Desnudos), en agosto de 2009 y lanzó su segundo, Lo-fi EP, en diciembre de ese año. Su última lanzamiento, Walker, es una colección más llena y expansiva que los dos antes. Se puede descargar su música gratis de su bandcamp.

David Sanchez is a twenty-year-old guitarist from Querétaro, Mexico. In 2008 he created the project Turning Torso when he began experimenting with his music, sliding drums and electronic sounds under his relaxed guitar riffs. David finished his first EP, En rêvant nu (Dreaming Naked), in August of 2009 and released his second EP, Lo-fi, in December of that year. His latest release, Walker, is a fuller and more expansive collection than his earlier EPs. Download his tunes for free from his bandcamp.

Turning Torso - Bossa Nube

Turning Torso - Bebé

Turning Torso - Walker

NazcarNation - Beeswax (Turning Torso Remix)

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