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January 11th, 2011

Seabright - Winter War

The title of this song seems fitting— I’m hunkered down for another day damned by frothing flakes and beaded breath tricking from tree branches and rolling off rooftops. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a rather wintry person, the rhythmic footfall of snow, the lack of classes tomorrow, soothing jams— it’s all splendid. San Jose’s Seabright (aka Justin Morales) is the master craftsman casting forth today’s winds and whipping up a tune to keep tucked deep inside that most furry of jackets. Yes, the mercury doesn’t dare drop far below freezing in Seabright’s Californian “winter,” but that can’t wreck my frostbitten favorite. ‘Winter War’ is the fourth track off Justin’s second full-length, Dark City EP, which dropped on new year’s day. It’s full of soft guitar, hazy synths and Justin’s relaxed vocals. Arm yourself with that trusty shovel and watch this Winter War unfold around us.

Seabright - Winter War

Seabright - Shuttle

Seabright - Entry Level

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December 23rd, 2010

Big Wave Riders - It’s Funny Things Aren’t Gonna Change

Big Wave Riders is Finnish four piece that’s been pumping energetic, electronically influenced surf rock out of its native Helsinki since the start of the summer. Teppo (guitar and vocals) emailed me their first single ‘Big Sound,’ but their newest tune ‘It’s Funny Things Aren’t Gonna Change,’ released a few hours ago, has really caught my ear. Snag all their songs on their soundcloud.

“Our music is not trying to sound any certain genre. We make good music without mathematics or accurate calculations. There’s fast, slow, rhythmic and just straight beats in our songs. That’s it!” 

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