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April 21st, 2012

Regina - Ui Mun Luo

If Bebel Gilberto were from Finland…

I’ve recently come across a brilliant trio from Helsinki by the name of Regina. Their latest effort Soita Mulle (Call Me) emerged in September. Their song ‘Ui Mun Luo’ (google translated to My Swims Create) possesses a sort of laid-back bossa nova-inspired sensuality. Before I knew anything about Regina, I heard this song I expected to understand a few Portuguese words— they never came. Iisa Pykäri sings in a language of which I cannot utter a single word; however, the pure joy and enthusiasm that Regina brings to their songs is unmistakable. Their emotions are simple and in no way dialectal. Take Ui Mun Luo and Haluan Sinut for a spin below.

Regina - Ui Mun Luo

Regina - Haluan Sinut

February 4th, 2011

Loft Apartment - Kolipri EP

Loft Apartment is the new solo project of Aaro Vahtera, a college student from Turku, Finland. His first release, Kolipri EP, is only four songs but it moves between a handful of genres. Spanning from classical piano compositions to chillwave to dream pop and even mixing in a bit of downtempo dubstep, the variety of Aaro’s first few songs shows his ability to blend together his many influences to craft unique sounding tunes— and he promises there are many more in the works up in his loft apartment. Check out his Kolipri EP over at his soundcloud.

Loft Apartment - Elän

Loft Apartment - Have I No Reason

Loft Apartment - Kolipri

December 23rd, 2010

Big Wave Riders - It’s Funny Things Aren’t Gonna Change

Big Wave Riders is Finnish four piece that’s been pumping energetic, electronically influenced surf rock out of its native Helsinki since the start of the summer. Teppo (guitar and vocals) emailed me their first single ‘Big Sound,’ but their newest tune ‘It’s Funny Things Aren’t Gonna Change,’ released a few hours ago, has really caught my ear. Snag all their songs on their soundcloud.

“Our music is not trying to sound any certain genre. We make good music without mathematics or accurate calculations. There’s fast, slow, rhythmic and just straight beats in our songs. That’s it!” 

September 19th, 2010

Satellite Stories - Helsinki Art Scene

Satellite Stories is a young four-piece indie-rock outfit from Oulu, Finland. Their pacy riffs and catchy choruses warm up even the most frigid cities of Northern Finland. On the first listen I placed these guys right alongside the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and Tokyo Police Club. Their electronic-influenced rock is refreshing and invigorating. Satellite Stories describe their songs as “jangly, angular, energetic and always danceable indie rock”. The band dropped their Promo EP at a show on September 9th. The four-track release features ‘Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro,’ ‘Mexico’ and ‘Helsinki Art Scene’ as well as one “secret” tune. Always good for an adrenaline rush, Satellite Stories are touring mainly in Finland at the moment but I’m foreseeing a larger, international tour in the near future… Check out their current dates and a great unplugged version of ‘Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro’ on the band’s Myspace.

Mexico by satellitestories

Satellite Stories - Helsinki Art Scene by satellitestories

Satellite Stories - Helsinki Art Scene by satellitestories

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