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May 3rd, 2012

Ditt Inre - Månljus (saknad)

Stockholm’s Einar Andersson & Hampus Klint have emerged together as Ditt Inre under the veil of their sultry six-track EP, En Värld I Brand. The release will see the light of day May 29 on the ever-indulging bearer of good news, Cascine. The duo crafts a dreamy dance pop which at first gleams with sun-soaked ambivalence, but, at its depths, thoroughly realizes a steeping sensitivity.

The boats rocks as wind simmers the sails. The stars bob endlessly above. A haze rises like cool mist after a nighttime rain— the dark pavement warm still; the soft brume brims with the transient reverie of day.


April 21st, 2012

munno - early idle

Maryland-based producer munno just dropped his debut EP early idle. The five-track release brims with pitch-shifted samples and intricately sliced beats. I’ve already spent the whole morning blissing out to this album. Pick it up for free over at munno’s bandcamp.

munno - mine

munno - yours

April 2nd, 2012

Bearcubs - Home

Brighton, England’s Bearcubs crafts pulsating dreamscapes laced with trickling sunshine and rekindles memories of a full moon’s reflection in a placid sea. The Cadence Collective’s debut release features a pair of songs from each of the collective’s five artists: Bearcubs, Cube Face, Kruisemode, m∞n and Theo Bass. Download it here. Bearcubs’ contributions to the album, ‘Home’ and ‘Cascade,’ remind me of a mélange of Southern Shores and Star Slinger. ‘Home’ satisfies yet leaves me begging for more from this british college student. Last month he began recording his debut EP which will be out sometime in the next month.

Bearcubs - Home

homeward bound

August 24th, 2011

Super88 - nervous knocking

Super88 combines luscious beats with a handful of samples to craft beautifully ethereal environments far from anything near its surroundings in Allston, Massachusetts. The project’s latest effort, a four-track EP entitled play it out, moves through several scenes: ‘i hope it’s beautiful’ brings me to a dusk-draped forest while the opener on the release, ‘nervous knocking,’ evokes a Southern Shores-esque on-the-beach-at-night, bonfire-splashing-light-on-my-face sorta vibe. You can snag the EP as well as host of rad tracks from the last ten years over at Super88’s bandcamp.

Super88 - nervous knocking

Super88 - i hope it’s beautiful

Also, check out a sweet Air France-influenced jam from last year.

Super88 - er/r/ing

don’t be discouraged.

August 8th, 2011

Turning Torso - Soma (single)

David Sánchez, an architecture student from Queretaro, Mexico, has been recording under the moniker Turning Torso since the summer of 2009. With three releases under his belt, he was planning to record and release a fourth this summer, but summer’s nearly come and gone for David. With the start of classes just around the corner, he hasn’t bagged the album completely. He’s got a handful of tracks already recorded, and he’s still working on the rest of the release, so he made sure to assure me that we’ll be seeing quite a few surprises from his guitar-based electronic project in the near future. Today he’s given us the first, in the form of a single of the album. David told me that with the new songs he tried to craft a new sound for Turning Torso. He’s incorporated more beats and electronic elements, whilst still managing to stay true to his roots as a guitarist. Keep a look out for new jams from TT over at his bandcamp and soundcloud.

Turning Torso - Soma (single)


Turning Torso - Walker EP

August 8th, 2011

Blackbird Blackbird - Passions

San Fransisco-based electronic artist Blackbird Blackbird (aka Mikey Sanders) just sent over his latest tune, a single off his upcoming release Passions. Check out the cut, also called Passions, below or at Mikey’s bandcamp. Also he’s running an album artwork contest for the new album— the deets are right over here. Mikey premiered some new tracks off the upcoming album via last week and it must be noted that they are of the most baller variety— can’t wait for this one to drop. 

Blackbird Blackbird - Passions

July 25th, 2011

I Always Wanted a Pony - In a Year Or Two (Demo)

I Always Wanted A Pony is the electronic pop project of Felix Hedberg and Tobias Gerhardsson from Östersund, Sweden. Although they haven’t released anything in months, I’ve just today stumbled across their soundcloud and I’ve been pumping their two demos all day. I’m hoping to hear more from these two swedes.

I Always Wanted a Pony - In a Year Or Two (Demo)

I Always Wanted a Pony - The Weekend (Demo)

UPDATE: I Always Wanted A Pony has transformed into the Cascine-signed group World Tour. They’re releasing an EP in October! Check out their single ‘Sparks’ below.

World Tour - Sparks

“We would like to show you some pictures, a few notes and some visions. ‘Sparks’ is a story about dreaming, defying death and fighting the darkness. About the belief of beginning something new and a reliance on your origin.”    - World Tour

July 19th, 2011

Karibien - Stockholm

‘Stockholm’ is the very first demo from the somewhat mysterious Swedish band Karibien. If you’re looking for more on this song, all I know is that it’s as laid-back as they come. I can’t wait to see what Karibien comes up with next…

Karibien - Stockholm

July 19th, 2011

Chrome Sparks - My

Ann Arbor-based producer Chrome Sparks (aka Jeremy Malvin) just released his debut EP entitled My . The seven-track release is full of fresh sample-based electronic jams and two of my favorites, ‘All There Is’ and ‘Miss You,’ feature the stunning vocals of Steffaloo (Steph Thompson), who collabs like no other. Pay what you’d like for Chrome Sparks’ EP over at his bandcamp.

Chrome Sparks - All There Is (Feat. Steffaloo)

Chrome Sparks -

July 15th, 2011

Toy Camera - Tall Trees

At the beginning of June, Canadian producer Germany Germany (Drew Harris) and California’s Steffaloo (Steph Thompson) teamed up for a little side project called Toy Camera.  Steph’s beautiful vocals soar about Germany Germany’s hopscotching beats on their first single ‘Tall Trees.’ You can download the tune over at their bandcamp. Also, on August 16th Steffaloo has an awesome 7” coming out on JAXART records. Check out the B-side ‘The Red Runs Free,’ which features Lance Smith aka Pandit, below.

Toy Camera - Tall Trees

Steffaloo - The Red Runs Free (Feat. Pandit)

June 16th, 2011

Selva Oscura - Mid Spring

Selva Oscura is the project of Chicago-based Austin, TX native Ray Levinson-Fort. The past few months he’s been crafting some killer tracks and putting them up on his soundcloud. His most recent jam Mid Spring is a blissed out soundscape that I simply cannot get enough of— so I pieced together some found footage to have some visuals to go along with the sonic immensity, although I couldn’t come close to doing it justice. I first came across Ray’s music through two other Austin artists who have been making similarly dope jams: Galapagos and Corduroi. Mid Spring will feature on Selva Oscura’s debut EP which is set to drop next week.

Selva Oscura - Mid Spring

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