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August 8th, 2011

Turning Torso - Soma (single)

David Sánchez, an architecture student from Queretaro, Mexico, has been recording under the moniker Turning Torso since the summer of 2009. With three releases under his belt, he was planning to record and release a fourth this summer, but summer’s nearly come and gone for David. With the start of classes just around the corner, he hasn’t bagged the album completely. He’s got a handful of tracks already recorded, and he’s still working on the rest of the release, so he made sure to assure me that we’ll be seeing quite a few surprises from his guitar-based electronic project in the near future. Today he’s given us the first, in the form of a single of the album. David told me that with the new songs he tried to craft a new sound for Turning Torso. He’s incorporated more beats and electronic elements, whilst still managing to stay true to his roots as a guitarist. Keep a look out for new jams from TT over at his bandcamp and soundcloud.

Turning Torso - Soma (single)


Turning Torso - Walker EP

December 31st, 2010

Turning Torso - Walker

David Sánchez es un guitarrista que tiene viente años de Querétaro en México central. En 2008 creó Turning Torso cuando comenzó a experimentar con su música, deslizando los tambores y sonidos electrónicos de bajo de su guitarra relajado para construir complejas texturas sonoras. David terminó su primero EP, En rêvant nu (Soñando Desnudos), en agosto de 2009 y lanzó su segundo, Lo-fi EP, en diciembre de ese año. Su última lanzamiento, Walker, es una colección más llena y expansiva que los dos antes. Se puede descargar su música gratis de su bandcamp.

David Sanchez is a twenty-year-old guitarist from Querétaro, Mexico. In 2008 he created the project Turning Torso when he began experimenting with his music, sliding drums and electronic sounds under his relaxed guitar riffs. David finished his first EP, En rêvant nu (Dreaming Naked), in August of 2009 and released his second EP, Lo-fi, in December of that year. His latest release, Walker, is a fuller and more expansive collection than his earlier EPs. Download his tunes for free from his bandcamp.

Turning Torso - Bossa Nube

Turning Torso - Bebé

Turning Torso - Walker

NazcarNation - Beeswax (Turning Torso Remix)

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