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February 15th, 2013

Floridas - somewhere else

Take me anywhere.

Victoria, Canada’s Tayler Thompson is producing some hypnotic tropical getaways under the name Floridas. Little drops of water drip down from the roof— the snow is starting to melt. I know these late-afternoon rays can often be deceptive but this feeling is pure. Spring feels closer than ever. Sunglasses on, I’m soaking it up with Floridas’ first two sun-drenched tracks. Keep an eye on the horizon & maybe we’ll see new things from this project when spring finally arrives.

March 25th, 2012

Little Chords - Afterlife

Vancouver’s Teen Daze has emerged with a new album from his side project Little Chords. A beautifully laid-back set of ethereal lo-fi jams, Afterlife, presents a care-free middle ground between Jamison’s Teen Daze and Two Bicycle projects. The release comes at an exciting time for Jamison as he’s set to embark on European tour in April and his debut Teen Daze LP, All Of Us, Together, is set to drop May 22nd on Lefse. Check out a couple tracks from Afterlife below— you can stream and buy the whole thing here. 

Little Chords - Always/Never

Little Chords - Remember

March 9th, 2012

Celista - Brooklyn

A new gem finds its way. From a far off place, fugacious producer Celista returns. Shrouded in a veil of loosely defined escapism, the mysterious project cannot be pinned to a map. In the fall, Celista released its debut EP. Now, as winter turns spring, Celista resurfaces bringing a new downtempo dream, ‘Brooklyn,’ to my inbox, to my ears. Following songs like ‘Endless Day’ and ‘Warm Autumn,’ it’s the first single off Celista’s upcoming full length which is planned to drop later this year.

"last night, new sound, early morning, new sounds awake.

absent, distant. coming home, i see it over the light.”

February 1st, 2012

Teen Daze - Brooklyn Sunburn

Over the past few years, Vancouver’s Teen Daze has released a host of EPs, but it’s all cumulated in the release of his debut full length All Of Us, Together, which drops May 22nd on Lefse. The new album has a more electronic, futuristic feel than his recent releases A Silent Planet and, under his other moniker Two Bicycles, Window. He explained the source of the album’s utopian inspiration to The Fader— “I came upon an old book at a thrift store called Utopian Visions, an encyclopedic volume of different views on what utopia might look like, which became a huge inspiration. Especially when considering the future of our world as it actually unfolds. We’re becoming more and more self-reliant, more and more separated from our communities. I wanted to make a record that sounded more synthetic but also inviting—this is futuristic music with a heart.” Check out the first single off the new album, an energetic yet dreamy track accompanied by the always lovely vocals of Steffaloo (Steph Thompson).

December 18th, 2011

Video • Happy Trendy - January 6

Edmonton’s Happy Trendy (Dylan Khotin-Foote) recently returned from a European journey alongside fellow Canadian Warren Hildebrand of Foxes In Fiction. They traveled from Portugal to Germany. A week ago, before their show in Leipzig Germany, Dylan preformed ‘January 6’ off his new album Die Young— check out an imitate clip from that night ›

Happy Trendy - January 6

October 1st, 2011

Video • Southern Shores - Meridian

When I listen to Southern Shores’ Atlantic, I can’t imagine the music flowing from someone’s fingertips— it seems to flow from the sun, drift in from sea. At the beginning of the summer, Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton played their first ever live show in their hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Based on Andrew Hines’ video from that night, I must find a way to one of those show. Supremely sultry and sweaty, these tropical blissfests burn long into the night— night is young.

Southern Shores - 06 Meridian by CASCINE


Southern Shores - Bonfire (video)

September 23rd, 2011

Celista - Warm Autumn

Celista comes from the northern lands with a set of sonic expanses that climb from the darkest depths to the shimmering stars above. The project lives in a cloud of mystery—When I asked who, “♥ I have a tree, the sea, in many cases, are hidden in the gray sky and a quiet night” was the answer. My guess is that Celista is from British Columbia— but I really have no idea. All I know is that whoever embodies Celista reaches high into the sky hoping to find something for us— I find the stars for you.’

Celista - Warm Autumn

Celista - Swimming Endless

Celista - Endless Day

Download Celista’s EP up in the soundclouds.

We leave our footprints on the moon.

The sound of dripping molten light from the stars on it.

January 21st, 2011

Purity Ring - Ungirthed

Purity Ring is the new side project of GOBBLE GOBBLE's Corin Roddick and Megan James. Glitchy as hell, the Canadian duo's first single 'Ungirthed' combines pulsating electronic beats, Corin's faded ghostly echoes, warped synths and a handful of samples with Megan's floating vocals. What more could you want? More. Toss this addictive jam on repeat. Expect great things.

Purity Ring - Ungirthed

the air is familiar

December 30th, 2010

Young Empires - The Earth Plates Are Shifting

Canadian electronic trio Young Empires started at the end of last year and they already have a several demos circulating about the interwebs. The Toronto-based group’s newest demo ‘The Earth Plates Are Shifting’ is definitely my favorite so far. Look out for them in 2011, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a debut release from these guys in the coming months. Get their songs for free on their myspace.

Young Empires - The Earth Plates Are Shifting (Demo)

Young Empires - White Doves (Demo)

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