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August 21st, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird - Pure

San Fransisco’s favorite pop/electronic/chillwave artist Blackbird Blackbird released his brilliant 18-track Summer Heart over a month ago, but the dreamy vocals and flickering xylophones of the track “Pure” still linger in my ears. If you haven’t already, you should definitely head on over to Blackbird Blackbird’s bandcamp and grab Summer Heart for ten big ones. Also check out the free download of his latest EP, Rarities, which is a collection of tunes that didn’t quite make it onto the LP. Blackbird Blackbird is constantly working on new remixes and songs so I’d expect to see his name (and his tunes) spring up more and more around these interwebs in the coming months. Immerse yourself below.

Blackbird Blackbird - Pure

Wait a tick, I featured Liberia feat. Prizes by Blackbird Blackbird and Pao Pao on a Mondaymix a few weeks ago— here it is once again. So good.

Blackbird Blackbird & Pao Pao - Liberia feat. Prizes

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