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September 20th, 2010

MondayMix: 9/29

It’s been a while since the last MondayMix but they’re making a comeback! This week we’ve got Blackbird Blackbird’s Sunspray remixed by Charlee, Javelin, Millionyoung, The Pass, Two Door Cinema Club, The Temper Trap, a track off El Guincho’s new album Pop Negro and some Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (Remix Artist Collective style).

Blackbird Blackbird - Sunspray (Charlee Remix)

Javelin - Oh! Centra

Millionyoung - Sunndreamm

The Pass - Cross Walk Stereo

Two Door Cinema Club - This Is The Life

The Temper Trap - Soldier On (Big City Love Affair Remix)

El Guincho - (Chicah-Oh) Drims

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home (RAC Mix)

September 4th, 2010

Anamanaguchi – Airbrushed (RAC Mix)

8-bit is crazy. New York’s Anamanaguchi is crazy. Making music from tricked out Nintendos is brilliant. Sometimes boarding on hyperactive, it can easily get unruly, but the steady hand of Andre Anjos and RAC keep this four-minute instrumental classy. ‘Airbrushed’ gets the RAC airbrushing and it best be glad for it. Check it.

Anamanaguchi - Airbrushed (RAC Mix) by Remix Artist Collective (mp3)

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August 21st, 2010

Ra Ra Riot - Boy (RAC Mix)

boy On Tuesday August 24th, six-piece orchestral indie rock outfit Ra Ra Riot will follow up their 2008 debut LP The Rhumb Line (2008) with The Orchard. Last month the band released the Boy EP as a precursor of what’s to come. And to show their appreciation for all the downloads and approbatory reviews, they are giving away a brilliant remix of the track ‘Boy,’ courtesy of the mix mestre himself, RAC’s Andre Anjos. The Portland-based remixer has a long list of stunningly exquisite renditions of mainly indie rock tunes, but his jazzy, funk-beat take on ‘Boy’ is sold gold. Andre starts off by building a subtle dreamscape out of Wes Miles’ melodic vocal on top of Alexandra Lawn’s and Rebecca Zeller’s supple strings. He then slices up the bass-drum, which is ever-present in the original, adding a catchy, foot-tapping beat that runs through most of the four minute remix. In short, like all of RAC’s work, this remix is a snazzy energetic, electronic-enhanced reworking which is probably better than the original. Check out the mp3 below.

Ra Ra Riot - Boy (RAC Mix)

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August 17th, 2010

Delorean - Real Love (LightsoverLA Remix)


These days pretty much anyone can strap a dubstep beat on top of a song and have a remix, but LightsoverLA isn’t like the others. His remixes don’t just tack on an estranged electronic pulse which drowns out the backbone of the original track. As with his takes on Two Door Cinema Club, Miike Snow and Crystal Castles, LightoverLA’s rendition of Real Love builds off the Baleric beats and the summery, sun-bleached synths of the Barcelona-based Basques to create an eclectically enhanced mix which manages to leave Igor Escudeo’s breezy beats and Ekhi Lopetegi’s lolloping vocals intact. LightsoverLA is preparing his upcoming EP for an October release, keep on the look out.

Delorean - Real Love (LightsoverLA Remix)

August 17th, 2010

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Cecile Remix)

white sky

I liked Contra, but I must say that I’ve enjoyed all the remixes from it far more. Here’s a wonderful seven-minute remix of White Sky. It’s dips and dives as it morphs through moods. It starts dank and distorted but soon opens up to a warm, flowing groove. Open your ears.

Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Cecile Remix)

Vampire Weekend released the track a few days ago with their first tweet.

Also, here’s a great cover the band did of British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac’s track from 1987, Everywhere.

Vampire Weekend - Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

July 23rd, 2010

Au Revoir Simone - ‘Night Light’


[mp3] Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story (Aeroplane remix)


Brooklyn-based dream pop trio Au Revoir Simone released their third album, Still Night, Still Light, back in May of 2009 but the twelve-track album has recently been commandeered by several masters in the field of remixes (Neon Indian, Aeroplane, Montag, etc.) and cleverly morphed into a whole different beast: Night Light.

The album starts off with Neon Indian’s 80’s beat induced rendition of ‘Another Likely Story’ (one of my personal favorites off Still Night, Still Light). The remix brings a whole different dimension to the original although I feel, as I do for many of these remixes, that the retouched tracks often fail to retain the stern innocence of Au Revoir Simone’s original works. Bass Clef, another remixer who neglected to capture Au Revoir Simone’s unique sound, goes all out “London nightclub” in his eight minute dubstep induced ‘Organized Scenery.’ My favourite remixes are Belgian artist Aeroplane’s energetic, pacy take on ‘Another Likely Story’ and Jensen Sportag’s jazzed up ‘All Or Nothing.’ Overall, the remixed album has its ups and downs, one track you’ll love for it’s renewed vigor and smooth reflected colour, whilst the next might struggle to capture to subtle lo-fi aspects that we’ve all become accustomed to from the female trifecta that is Au Revoir Simone.

Track list (w/ mp3):

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April 21st, 2010

RAC: The Remix Artist Collective

Bloc Party, The Temper Trap, Tokyo Police Club, Kings of Leon and Phoenix— we’ve all heard those names before, but André Allen Anjos, Andrew Maury and Crookram (Chris Angelovski)— perhaps not. The three make up the Portuguese/American/Dutch remixing wizardry known as The Remix Artist Collective, or simply as RAC. Together they have released three free albums: RAC Sega Vs. Nintendo EP, RAC Vol. 1, and RAC VOL 1.5. Check out a full list of their remixes. Some of RAC’s music has appeared on HBO’s Entourage so you know they’re legit. Here’s a few of my favourites:

The Shins - ‘Sleeping Lessons (RAC Remix)’

Kings Of Leon - ‘Use Somebody (RAC Remix)’

Phoenix - ‘1901 (RAC Maury Mix)

The Temper Trap - ‘Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix)

Honeythieves - ‘Reminder (RAC Mix)’

The Pragmatic - ‘Circles (RAC Maury Mix)’

Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches (RAC Mix)’

Tokyo Police Club - ‘Graves (RAC Maury Mix)’

April 12th, 2010

MondayMix: El doce de Abril

(‘Harlequin’s Carnival’ por Joan Miró)

To kick this week off we have a pretty diverse mix, a few remixes (Obscuresounds & Marky), a track from my new favourite Northern Irish band, Two Door Cinema Club, the best track song off FM Belfast’s How To Make Friends, and an energic swedish tune courtesy of Club 8.

Phoenix - ‘1901 (Obscuresounds Remix)’
Sneaky Sound System - ‘When We Were Young (Juan McLean Remix)’
Jay-Z vs. Grizzly Bear - ‘Get that Week State of Mind’
FM Belfast - ‘Par Avion’
Kid Cudi - ‘The Prayer (Band Of Horses Sample)’
Great Lake Swimmers - ‘Gonna Make It Through This Year’
Club 8 - ‘Western Hospitality’
Marky - ‘Rasta Monsta (I Need Dollar)’
Objektiv One - ‘Walking On A Dream (Empire Of The Sun Vs. Ratatat)’
Two Door Cinema Club - ‘Undercover Martyn’
April 5th, 2010

MondayMix: Let’s kick this off right!

Here’s a new addition to Escucharemos, MondayMix. Simply put, it’s a group of songs that have been playing over and over in my head throughout the past week. This week’s mix is predominantly remixes (a few of The Twelves’) and songs that get me ready for the upcoming week; they’re catchy, energetic, pacy and driven. There’s some Office Musik, Manu Chao, Bob Marley, Empire Of The Sun and Two Door Cinema Club (among others).

MondayMix (5 Abril 2010)

Phoenix, Peter, Bjorn And Victoria - ‘One Thousand Nine Hundred And One Folks (Immuzikation Blend)

Bob Marley vs. MGMT - ‘I Wanna Know Now (Kids Remix)’

Manu Chao - ‘Bongo Bong’

Dwight K. Schrute vs. Weezy - ‘Office Musik (Clockwork Edit)

Ellie Goulding - ‘Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix ft. Theophilus London)’

Empire Of The Sun - ‘We Are The People (Shazam Remix)’

Matt & Kim - ‘Daylight (Troublemaker Remix) Featuring De La Soul’

Metric - ‘Help I’m Alive (80Kidz Remix)’

Noah and The Whale - ‘Blue Skies (The Twelves Remix)’

Of Montreal - ‘Wraith Pinned to the Mist (And Other Games) [Broken Spindles Remix]’

Theophilus London – ‘Grey x Sage’

Two Door Cinema Club - ‘Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)’

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - ‘Maps (TGIK Remix)’

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